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Instructions for Paper Authors/Presenters

At least one author of each paper should attend SCA. Please prepare a presentation of 20 minutes duration, with another 5 minutes for questions and changeover. If you wish, you can use or adapt the slides template here.

Standard AV equipment will be available, but please send an email to Caroline Larboulette with any special requests.

Instructions for Poster Authors/Presenters

The poster itself needs to be finalized and printed by the authors before the conference. We will provide supports and accessories to hang them. We require one single-sided A0 page.

In addition to the poster presentation, we encourage the authors to prepare a demo. We can provide a table upon request or any other additional material. Please, send an email to Caroline Larboulette with your individual requests.

For the Fast-Forward Posters Preview on Sunday, September 3rd, you'll have 60 seconds to give a short preview of your poster. Include whatever you want, just make sure it fits on 2 slides, comes in under 60 seconds and runs on PowerPoint 2003 under Windows XP. We'll be compiling all the slides into a complete presentation with strictly enforced timings. For full details of how to prepare for this session, please look at the posters page.

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