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The EG2005 Medical Prize:

Sponsored by Immersion Medical

The Eurographics Association organises a biannual competition to acknowledge the contribution that computer graphics is playing in the medical field, and to encourage further development. Submissions for the EG2005 Medical Prize are now being invited from researchers and developers who can demonstrate that a particular benefit has resulted from the use of computer graphics technology in a medical application that they have produced. Examples of entries could include the use of new medical visualization techniques, virtual environments and augmented reality.

The Winner

The winner of the EG2005 Medical Prize will receive a total prize of 500. The judging panel will select the winning entry on the basis of its clinical value, use made of computer graphics, and novelty.

EG2003 Prize Winner: Augmented Reality based Liver Surgery Planning

Alexander Bornik*, Reinhard Beichel*, Bernhard Reitinger*, Erich Sorantin**, Georg Werkgartner***, Franz Leberl* and Milan Sonka****

*Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology, Austria **Department of Radiology, University Hospital Graz, Austria ***Department of Surgery, University Hospital Graz, Austria ****Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Iowa, USA

Submission Instructions

The submission must include details of all the authors and a one page description of the medical application describing how it is making use of computer graphics. Emphasise what is novel about your use of computer graphics, and where possible, provide evidence of the added value that your application provides.

In addition, at least one the following must be included:

Submission Deadline:

June 30th 2005. Submission is now CLOSED.

Judges Panel

Nigel W. John EG2005 Medical Prize Organiser