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Postgraduate student wins Nvidia sponsored prize in London conference

Mairéad Grogan, a PhD student in GV2, has been awarded the Best Student Poster prize at the Conference on Visual Media Production in London last week. Mairéad's research has been focusing on empowering artists and amateurs alike in recoloring seamlessly videos with different color palettes to alter the general feel and atmosphere of visual media (see Youtube demo: HERE)

The prize sponsored by Nvidia consists of the new powerful quadro M6000 Nvidia graphics card which should provide the support for Mairéad's algorithms to run real time for recolouring ultra high definition visual content!

This work is done in collaboration with Prof. Rozenn Dahyot in the Graphics Vision & Visualisation (GV2) group, and it is supported by an Ussher Scholarship from Trinity College Dublin, and the European project GRAISearch FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP (612334).

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